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Superior Game Hunts for Large Russian Boar
Wild Russian Boar Hunts
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Looking for a thrill in the off season, or anytime?
Come and face off with one of our razor sharp tusked, fur balls of fury – a Wild Boar.
Large Massive Wild Russian Boars
Superior Game Ranch's Wild Boars can weigh up to 400 plus pounds and can have tusks (teeth)
up to 4 inches long. Our trophy boars freely roam and raise their young on our ranch preserve. Their meat is not only tasty but hormone and antibiotic free! These animals are wild, strong and aggressive. The thick dense cover to elude or come after you, makes this a hunt you will enjoy and remember. Very exciting and fun.

Our boar hunting is available year around, but the best time is late November to March when their hair is thickest. This boar hunt is great for individuals and groups.
Superior Game Ranch Hunt Packages and Contact Info
Check List, Rifle Suggestion for Hunting
All Hunts include
a guide, lodging, meals & field dressing.

Capping, meat processing and taxidermy work can be supplied at an additional charge.

Meat processing is over night and ready for pick-up in the morning.

Taxidermy work, when completed, is either shipped or delivered.

Superior Game Ranch offers many hunt packages,

Call for information: